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"May I thank you most sincerely for your efforts last week with our American Guests on the Seabourne Ovation and in Normandy., I understand from Nathan that the folks you spent time with really appreciated your knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject."   Peter G-L

"Thank you for all the painstaking care and attention you took to ensure that we understood completely the nature of this unforgettable theatre of war. We were all deeply moved. It wasn't only the historical aspects you described so movingly but the small cameos which vividly painted the human story and the cost involved."  Jenny F


"Rhydian's battlefield tours are a delight from start to finish; informative, moving and thoroughly rewarding .He is a knowledgeable and articulate guide with a great ability to communicate easily with people of different ages, backgrounds and levels of experience."The Master, The Worshipful Company of Feltmakers.



"Rhydian, your detailed insight and knowledge as well as your personal attachment to events made the whole trip come alive for us. We were very moved by the whole experience.." John C



"To stand before the grave of a 16 year old soldier, one year older than myself, who had died for his country was when it hit home to me how horrendous this war was. Thank you for changing my outlook on life with this battlefield tour. I shall treasure these memories for ever."   Sarah W



"Thanks to you and Wren for running such a great battlefield tour to the Normandy beaches. Very interesting, moving, super hotel and restaurants and also good fun with lots of building "esprit de corps" amongst the Curriers and with you. I think it ticked every box and you delivered everything promised and more."  The Master, The Worshipful Company of Curriers.



"Thank you for such a splendid tour of the Somme. You could not have given better briefing, guiding and dialogue during our three day visit - to say nothing of the navigation.Such a searing experience but I learnt a great deal and feel that we lacked nothing in feeling or character. I'm deeply indebted to you for such an excellent tour."  Douglas M.   NZ



"Rhydian, you are truly the "Heston Blumenthal" of Guides. You not only provide fascinating historical fact but combine it with well timed sights and sounds to engage the other senses and emotions.Tear jerking and enthralling in equal measure. Thank you".  David O



" We all thoroughly enjoyed our Somme experience and felt that we could not have been in better hands. You managed our team with just the right touch- you really do it wonderfully well and we were much moved by your readings of letters and poems"..  Adrian B



"Thank you so much for making our tour so incredibly interesting. The things we saw were totally unforgettable....and you brought it all 'alive' for us in a very memorable way".  Robin M-P



"What an absolutely amazing trip you gave us - you are a truly gifted guide, knowledgeable, organised, sensitive and generous. Thank you so much. We really appreciated all the huge efforts it takes to deliver a trip of that calibre."  Emma G.   NZ



"My thanks for a truly incredible week. It was certainly one of the most memorable things I have done. We both learnt so much about the Somme and the Normandy Landings"   Tony T.  SA



"Thank you so very much for the outstanding tour you gave us. We all felt very fortunate to have had you sharing with us your insights, knowledge and expertise as we travelled around Normandy and the Beaches."   Freddie A, USA



"You were so thorough and knowledgeable you almost made one feel as if we were present at the time of the battles!  I must own to having goosebumps and a tight throat most of the time. It was absolutely fascinating."  Bill Y.



"We had a wonderful time with you in Normandy. You brought to life a subject that could seem quite alien to two girls who knew very little about war. You gave the subject a human touch and it is definitely something that has made a lasting impression on us".  Sophie C & Sara BL  Saudi Arabia



"I thoroughly enjoyed our expedition to Mons and Waterloo and feel that I understand far more than I did and more than I ever would have understood without your excellent explanations. Many thanks indeed."  Chris R.



"Thank you for all you did for us to make the Tour so enjoyable. For me, Waterloo was a revelation - I loved it!"   The Master, The Worshipful Company of Currier



"It was all sobering stuff and you led us brilliantly through the complexities of the Somme. I particularly liked the poems that you read at the right moments. I was so pleased we went at this time of year – the grey, misty weather with a bit of drizzle felt right somehow."    Jude A.



“Thank you for giving us such an inspiring and interesting Battlefield Tour to Waterloo & Mons. I know everyone else thoroughly enjoyed it. I personally found Waterloo to be completely awesome and utterly memorable."      Richard H.


"Thank you so much for all the trouble you took for us for our trip to Waterloo. We had a lovely day, wonderfully illustrated by the quality of your commentary, your knowledge of the ground, and your grasp of troop movements.   How lucky we were to be so well guided.   And a magnificent lunch, with a memorable first course.   All great fun. Thank you. "     Peter S



"It was the most moving weekend and almost all the credit for that rests on your shoulders.  You showed us so much, understood where we were coming from, and how to interest us with all the cemeteries and battles.  it simply couldn’t have been more perfect, so we are all hugely grateful to you. "      Simon W



"We absolutely loved our time with Rhyd & Wren. Rhyd is so knowledgeable about the battlefields & Waterloo and really tailored the trip to Rick's family history. They were so lovely to be with and it would be good to see them with you if they come to Sidney. It was like meeting up with old friends being with them. Wren and I had lots of giggles!"  Amanda C.  Aus

"That was the most fascinating few days at Waterloo that I think I have ever spent. Your knowledge was clearly encyclopaedic and put across with such skill and clarity it made gazing at acres of wilderness positively captivating. A truly fascinating trip."           Jeremy W

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