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We offer a highly personalised experience for you and  groups of your friends.


Optimum party size is between 10 and 12 people: however, we have ranged from 2 people to much larger   numbers such as Livery Companies, Regimental Associations and Clubs. 


We take great pride in “walking in the footsteps of relations” and are able to take you to any location on the Western Front where your relatives will have fought. If there is a grave involved, we will provide a wreath as a matter of course.


Hotels, meals and travel arrangements are in accordance with your desired budget and are flexible on a per tour basis.


Rather than publish dates for tours, we prefer that you tell us when you want to go.


The period between spring and autumn is recommended. A typical length of a battlefield tour is 3 days but again this can be tailored to suit.


Please contact us directly to discuss things further.



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