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"The first 24 hours of the invasion

will be decisive. The fate of Germany

depends on the outcome..............

For the Allies and Germany

it will be the longest day"


Erwin Rommel 1944

D Day 6th June 1944 - the largest amphibious invasion of all time involving over 5,000 ships and 130,000 troops landing on 5 beaches along a 50 mile front.


Still within living memory, understanding the sacrifices made that day to gain a foothold in Occupied Europe remains an evocative and emotional experience. Talking with Veterans of this monumental assault makes this a Battlefield Tour of great significance.


The British sector has the imortal Pegasus Bridge, the Merville Battery, Arromanches with the Mulberry harbour and much more off piste. The American sector excites with Omaha, its haunting beach and cemetery, Pointe du Hoc, Sainte Mere Eglise and so much more. Culture and architecture are not forgotten with the beautiful town of Bayeux.

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